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Zarahlena  is a Mexican-German artist who explores identity through photography, performance, and yoga.


From pinhole portraits of tattooed men to dreamy nudes of women among rich fabrics, her photography plays with opposing themes of light and dark, power and weakness, life and death. Using art as a tool for self-recognition, she has performed body suspensions, taken self-portraits, and modeled extensively. As an event photographer, she has documented the stoner rock scene at shows and festivals across Europe. 


Both her yoga and artistic practice operate under the principle of honoring the darkness as something sacred. Her project Coyote Doom connects spiritualism with darkness in order to promote healing. Following the September 19th earthquake in Mexico City, she was involved in relief efforts through a grassroots collective that organized donations, shelter, and daily meals for those affected.


She facilitates creative and artistic workshops at FEZ Berlin, the largest youth cultural center in Europe (where she was previously an event designer). She studied photography in Mexico and visual merchandising in Germany. 

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